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As Sanday is such a low-lying island, only 65m high at the tallest point, the colossal sand dunes at Tresness can be seen from a great distance.

Park at the Brickie Hut (HY 703 413) which, along with the land now occupied by the Sanday Golf Course, was part of a dummy WW2 airfield used to confuse aerial enemies.

Walk along the east side of the dunes (keeping them on your left) until you reach the largest of the dunes where it is easy to cross to the west side of the dunes, where the dunes face the sea and you can see a small mountain range of white sand in all it’s breath-taking glory!

On the east side the Tresness dunes are grassy slopes, they hold in a vast sand lagoon called Cata Sand. There is an abundance of birdlife here including redshank and dunlin.

There are many walking options here. You can walk back the same way you came or loop around the dunes, heading back down the Bay of Newark, taking the footpath over the dunes (HY 711 407) to follow the path back to the car park area. Or if you fancy a much longer walk, you can continue out to Tress Ness, where you will find some stunning views, seal colonies and a recently excavated Chambered Cairn (now covered over aagain).

Parking for many cars
Picnic benches

Cata Sand
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