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The bay of Stove is a sandy beach that becomes a large area at low tide but also no beach at high tide.

The ruined farm behind the beach is unusual in the Orkney islands in that it represents early industrialised farming incorporating a steam-powered threshing barn and projecting byre with granary.

What else to see?
Recently, Sanday’s electricity cable from Stronsay was found to be faulty through age, and in 2007 a new one was laid which can be seen coming ashore in the Bay of Stove.

How to get there:
Bay of Stove is accessed from the B9070, follow this main road from the ferry terminal north, after a sharp right hand bend with Braeswick B&B on your left, take the next turn on your right down a single track lane. Follow this past the electricity sub-station and park opposite the beach near to some old farm buildings (HY 610 355)


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