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  • Backaskaill Bay
    Backaskaill Bay is a long sweeping white sandy beach backed by grass covered sand dunes. A stunning sandy beach, almost 2km wide. Backaskaill bay is located on the southern side of Sanday and is accessed from 2 points. At low tide, the west end has some stunning rock formations, rock stacks and plenty of rock… Read more: Backaskaill Bay
  • Cata Sand
    As Sanday is such a low-lying island, only 65m high at the tallest point, the colossal sand dunes at Tresness can be seen from a great distance. Park at the Brickie Hut (HY 703 413) which, along with the land now occupied by the Sanday Golf Course, was part of a dummy WW2 airfield used… Read more: Cata Sand
  • Doun Helzie
    Doun Helzie (pronounced Doon Helly) is a little jewel of a beach even by Sanday’s very high standards. If possible, choose to visit a couple of hours before low tide, in the morning, on a sunny day! If you arrive on the ferry, you’re not too far from the start of the walk. Drive along… Read more: Doun Helzie
  • Lopness
    Lopness Bay is where you can find the B98 shipwreck at low tide. The German Torpedoboat-Destroyer B98 has been sitting in the bay since 26th February 1920! Facilities:Parking for 2-3 carsPicnic benches
  • Newark
    Newark is accessed from Cata Sand. Park at the Brickie Hut (HY 703 413) which, along with the land now occupied by the Sanday Golf Course, was part of a dummy WW2 airfield used to confuse aerial enemies. Walk along the grass track and follow this up into the dunes (HY 711 407) where you… Read more: Newark
  • Sand Ayre
    Sand Ayreis the beach behind Scar. Park at the end of the road (HY 672 450) and walk along the farm track for around 300m until you see the beach on your right. Facilities:None
  • Sandquoy
  • Saville
  • Scuthvie Bay
    Scuthvie Bay is accessed from the parking point to Start Point Lighthouse. Follow the Start Point signs from the B9069 until you come to the end of the track and parking place (HY 769 439) Facilities:Parking for 2 carsPicnic benches
  • Stove
    The bay of Stove is a sandy beach that becomes a large area at low tide but also no beach at high tide. The ruined farm behind the beach is unusual in the Orkney islands in that it represents early industrialised farming incorporating a steam-powered threshing barn and projecting byre with granary. What else to… Read more: Stove
  • Sty Wick
    Sty Wick is a beautiful wide sandy bay located on the southern coastline of Sanday. The local ladies swimming group use this beach for sea swimming and it’s also popular with paddleboarders as it’s “usually” quite calm water. How to get there:From the B9069 follow the brown signs to Quoyness Chambered Cairn, this will take… Read more: Sty Wick
  • Whitemill Bay
    Whitemill Bay can be found on the northern tip of Sanday. It’s white sand and turquoise waters look like they should be in the Caribbean! There are many walks from here, why not head out to the east tip where you will find an old shipwreck and can spot many seals. From the west point,… Read more: Whitemill Bay

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