where there's nothing to do... all day long

I visited Whitemill Bay many times in the couple of years we visited Sanday whilst house hunting. There’s something that just kept drawing us back there. It may have been the white sands and turquoise water in the summer, giving it a tropical feel, or the ten feet tall piles of “tangles” and scattered giant rocks in the winter. The seals always pop up and follow you along the beach, they are as nosey as my two dogs, we have watched them dancing around in the water for hours.

It’s a mesmerising place, it transports you away somewhere to dream

The sea carves patterns in the sand that go on for miles, they are amazing to photograph and the light, even in the winter is just stunning, even my very amateur photos look like something from a travel magazine!

It worked it’s magic, we fell in love with Sanday and moved here in 2020.

Wander at Whitemill
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