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Hi, my name is Carl and i have been lucky enough to have travelled, lived and worked in a few countries, and have stood in front of many beautiful vistas. Some where I’ve witnessed the breathtaking beauty and delicacy of the natural world, others that showcase man-made structures, exquisite in design and execution.

Originally from Chepstow in South Wales, I have moved around the globe as job opportunities have presented themselves. As such, I have found myself living in Wales, England, Germany, United Arab Emirates and now Scotland (Orkney).

​Home has very much been wherever I find myself at any given time, but I’ve always found myself stepping back to the UK in between hops.

Since moving to Sanday in September 2018 to be with my partner Kieron and our four legged companion Jake, I have discovered new hobbies and interests, ones that befit my new surroundings such as arts & craft (especially paper craft), gardening and DIY. Others are community based and involve ensuring the heritage of the island is preserved for future generations.

I hope you enjoy the selection of art, crafts and gifts throughout the site, if you have any questions please drop me a message through the contact form on the website.

Gallery @ Galilee – Carl Wadley Graphic Art
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