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Taste the most northerly wood fired pizza in the UK!

On a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening, you can taste a fresh hand made pizza from 59 Degrees North. The Pizza take-away is now open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 5-9pm. Please call 01857 600 260 24 hours in advance to book your collection time slot and place your order. Pay them a […]

Build a sand castle

“I love coming to Granny’s in the holidays. The best thing was when we got given empty buckets and shovels off the farm and went to the beach and made maaaassive sandcastles. Malcolm came along the beach in his tractor and he dug us a huge hole with his tractor and we dug a river to […]

Paddle in the sea

“We took the dogs for a walk on Bea Sand (Backaskaill bay) on Sunday. The sun was glittering snakeskin patterns on the sand beneath the rippling water. We couldn’t resist taking off our shoes and socks and having a paddle. The water deepened very slowly and we walked a long way out, often rising up again on […]

Discover a shipwreck

Being so low-lying and surrounded by unpredictable seas, Sanday has had its fair share of shipwrecks over the years. The Heritage Centre has details about many of them. But if you head to Lopness Bay at the North End when the tide is low, you will find the remains of a WWI shipwreck! Take a […]

Explore the Holms of Ire

Just off the northeast coast of Sanday are two small uninhabited islands called the Holms of Ire. You’ll find them off the Burness side of Sanday, the Inner & Outer Holms. Firstly you will pass over Whalgeo, which is a stunning peninsula with lovely sea views and lots of interesting wildlife around its rocky shores. […]

Watch the merry dancers

On cold, clear nights, mainly in autumn and winter when it is dark enough, it is possible to see the Aurora Borealis.  It is no more reliable than sighting whales, but if the northern sky is clear it is worth a check.  There’s an Orkney Aurora Facebook page which is a good early warning system. […]

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